Sunday, 26 May 2013

Final Round of TEMILREG 2013

            Road to final of TEMILREG (Temu Ilmiah Regional) 2013??.  Some people think that it's amazing. But I don't think so. I still can not believe that I was winning the semifinal only by answering two question which luckyly crosssed in my brain.
It's about Time Value of Money and Wakalah bil Ujrah. Hohoho. You can't denied that luckyman could defeat genius man.
           Nevertheless, I still feel chalenged to conquer this final round. But it's not about to be Champion, I just wanna show my best performance in front of  a hundred people. The final round in this olimpy is conference. We have three days to prepare our self. Mr. Hendri Tanjung decided the theme of presentation for each team. And My team (me, Bilal, and Husnul) get the theme about The chalenge to face ACFTA 2015. Two days we look for the Idea and we decice to present about BATIK. Cekidot.......


         I was very excited see a hundred audiences were enthusiasm to my presentation. In the end of my presentation I gave them Pantun about BATIK, suddenly the hall to be uproar. I don't know why? may be they never hear PANTUN from the mouth of handsome one. hohohohoh. The Adjudicators and many audiences responded my presentation well. Many question going to my team. I was success to stimulate their curiosity. I answer them one by one. Some time I use Qawa'id Fiqhiyah, some time use pantun in the end of my answer. Thats why many audiences and adjudicators were excited. In the end of conferences,  committee said to me,"It's coll, You get many fans in this conferences". hohohohoho.