Sunday, 29 December 2013

Carbon Accounting, Wazz up?

     Change your behavior before the climate changes you. This theme was realy cool for this Event.  Carbon Accounting Training. It was held by HAMAS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Islam) and HAIHATA (Nature Lover of STEI). It showed you how accounting take a part to answer the environmental issues. And here, I was as a handsome moderator to accompany the key speaker, Mr. Achmad Djazuli. He is experts on BUMN and Wealth of Country/Regions Separated at Audit Board of Indonesia and one of the lecture of STEI TAZKIA who always pay attention to me, hihihihi. Pompous?? Of course No! it was his recognition in front of the audience.

Sometimes, I thought that accounting is unique science. It is part of the economics, part of math, part of phylosofi, and also can be part of environmental science. So, I believe that actually every sciences linked each other. unfortunately, we have not found the link yet, and it’s our home work.  Talking about ecosystem and economy, we have known about green economy previously. But actually accounting has the concept relates the environment too. We call it carbon accounting. 
So what do you think when you hear about the carbon accounting. Honestly, I’ve never know about carbon accounting before, till I was invited to be a moderator of this training.  If me, the thing crossed my mind was Photosynthesis, a procees utilizing sunlight energy to change carbon dioxide and water to be Oxygen and Carbohydrates. I studied it in my 5th grade of elementary school. What a genius right?.  But that’s not the point. Well, Time to serious.
According Wikipedia Carbon accounting refers generally to processes undertaken to "measure" amounts of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted by an entity. It is used inter alia by nation states, corporations and individuals. Correspondingly, examples for products based upon forms of carbon accounting can be found in national inventories, corporate environmental reports or carbon footprint calculators.
Catch it?, hm or let me take it by this way. Since the beginning  of industrial revolution, many industries dependent on the use of carbon-based energy sources. Such as timber, coal and oil. Releasing the energy from these materials also involves releasing more carbon (and other gases) into the atmosphere, typically in the form of carbon dioxide. The general term for these emissions is Green House Gases (hereafter GHG).  Increase the amount of emissions of these gases, has been affected to global warming which harm the climate, health, and environment. [1]
Because of this treath, The Kyoto Protocol an international agreement on global warming committed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gases. One of the recommendationwas  carbon trading which is now implemented by developed countries. This trade, was beginning the importance of the carbon accounting data presence in accounting report of the company.
Carbon trading uses The ‘cap and trade’ schemes work by placing a limit or cap on the level of emissions allowed. Emissions beyond this cap attract a penalty, payable to the government. The cap provides an incentive to limit GHG emissions. The ability to trade lets participants buy allowances rather than pay the penalty and the reduction of emissions can be done at the lowest cost to the polluting entity.
Unfortunately, carbon trading was not explored much in this training. Perhaps, it because carbon trading in Indonesia has not exist yet. So, Mr. Djazuli just explain much about deforestation and potential carbon in our country. But it also related by carbon accounting. He also ignited our spirit of nationalism by showing us any quotes from our founding fathers.
        The point is to remind us about our environtment. We may not apatism or closing our eyes and our ears to the environmental issues like global warming. Saving the earth is responsibility of all mankind. Not only the governor, gardener or farmer. But also politician,Businessman, and of course accountant and others.       Open our eyes and look at how many crisis and disaster happened because of global warming. It almost changed anything,  Unpredictable climate change, environmental pollution, disease, food crisis, extinction of many spesies,  and clothes getting thinner. OMG, even life style has been change. So, change your behavior before the climate change you.
Malam persiapan Si Ganteng bersama Anwar dan Haikal (MC)

Si Ganteng sedang bercuap-cuap gak jelas
Atmosfer ruangan ibarat tumbuhan yang lagi berfotosintesis. Kalau ilmu yang dishare pak Djazuli diibaratkan Karbon dan Air yang siap diolah,  mungkin pancaran wajah ku ibarat energi mataharinya. @#$%^&*(U&(*

Penjelasan Teori oleh Pak Djaz. Orang yang sok-sok ngerekam itu Si Anwar. Dan Orang gateng yang duduk di depan itu, heh siapa lagi?

Si Ganteng lagi sok-sok sibuk nyatet, biar kelihatan proaktif.

[1] Lloyd M. Austin. Accounting issues in carbon emission trading schemes.