Sunday, 8 December 2013

Two Souvenirs From LK2

  17th  till 25th  November 2013. It was one of the moment that I have to documented in this Blog. At the moment, I left my routinity as a marbot in Andalusia Islamic centre and as a student in campus. May be my absence during a week made a lot of people sick for me or wondered what was I doing. I just told them that I have business journey in Bandung.
           In my arrival, all people asked me a souvenir.  What a bad tradition !!. As a usual in every tour or journey I never forgot to bring two souvenir for all of my friend. Stories and Photos. What a cool souvenir, right?. Hihihi. Well my men, here my souvenirs.

Honestly,  I joined Intermediate training or called LK2 (Latihan Kader 2) which was held by Islamic Association of University Student in Bandung (Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam Cabang Bandung). You don’t need to wonder why and how did I join this event. It’s a long story.
Four days before event, I got an announcement in FB that I was accepted to join Intermediate training (LK 2) in Bandung. my paper which was requirement to join LK 2 passed in the screening stage. Eventhought it has been squeezed my brain by a lot of references.

Day zero (17th November 2013)

        I left Bogor to the Bandung. After my arrival in Secretary of HMI Bandung regency at night, directly I underwent every screening stage which was consist of BTQ (Reciting and writing Holy Qur’an), Constitution, Leadership and Management, NDP (Nilai dasar perjuangan), Paper test, and Contemporary insights.  I’ve passed three stage clearly, then I continued to the fourth screening stage. It’s NDP screening. NDP is ideology  of HMI. In result of congress, it was consist of 7 chapters which discussed about basic foundation of the faith, humanity,  destiny, divinity, freedom, economic and social justice, etc.  I have a problem when the screener ask me about it’s history. Memorizing date, month, and yaer exactly is my lack.
But it was not a big problem anymore when suddenly I heard a commotion outside the room. Prak cringg brakk, the windows was broken, someone hit it. Everyone especially women panicly run away hiding to the toilet. Seen Two people was fighting, I thought it was a traditional joke. But I was Sure that it’s serious when someone enter and attacks the committee. One, two, three. Three people entered the room, becoming angry, barking, screaming, and breaking every breakable glass.  I remained seated and watch them rageing violently (heheh pretend to be brave). They snap every people and threw rant.  “Tai Las*” said one of them. I heard it and know well their dialect. Oh God, why should be them?,  They are participant, delegation from South Celebes, my  land. my home town brothers.
I don’t know why they were very angry. Some people tried to calm them. But atmosphere was still on fire. The committee whose secretary has been attacked couldn’t accept their barbar attitude. They wanted revenge,  It almost affected the next war. Luckyly, Citizen and Police came and pacify the area. While the police investigate. I tried to approach the rebel participants looking for the information, the reason why they had to broke the secretariat?. They are ten person, have crossed the ocean and pass the long journey to Join intermediate training, but rejected because they didn’t finish the procedure. I know how does it feell but It’s totally purely their mistake in this case. I told one of them, that it will be my shame too, because we are from the same region. But Damn! He just smile . One ant bit, dozens ants will be trampled.

After the accident we moved to intermediate training location in Soreang. We stayed in PGRI Building. It has a hostel. 

Day one (18th November 2013)

I tried to forget that commotion night but the shame in my head still placed. Today was opening ceremony. Beautiful dancer and the choir welcomed us. Participant also tried to aquainted each other. I’ts difficult to memorize the combination between the face and the name. But I’ve tried. Halim, Sri, Asep, Riska, Odoy, Renaldi, Akril, Gilang, Iqbal, Kadri, Syaikul, Ade, Marwah, Tisna, Ricky, Haryono, Binar, Linda, Kifli, Middah, Fadli, Fitri, Yusuf, Iskandar, Oji’, Atep, Joko, Khidir, Fadil, Fa’at, Santi,Ayi, Fazli.  34 participant  from various regions.
The first material begins with mission of HMI, the speaker was a great board of HMI. Before beginning the material, master of training  asked one of us to be a moderator.  Suddenly a sound of flick of finger was heard from behind, leading participants' views on the source of the sound.  Seen a hansome one was raising a hand. You know what? He was me, hihihihi pretend to be cool. For me, the cool guy is only two. The best and the first. I was sure that all the participant in this training is the best in their branch. So’ Im’ not sure to be the best of them. So I chose the last choice. be the first! Even it’s worth.  Thomas alva edison never made the neon, LED, or Hologen lamp.  He just made a bulb. But he is well known than other light inventor.

         Before going to sleep, we had a meeting with master of training to talk about the rule in forum. As usual there wasn’t significant change. But one deal I could’t accept was permissibility of smoking in the forums.  70 percent of the participant were the smokers. And I’m not longer part of them.  This is the lack of fu*king democracy. The logic of democracy in this country is not about true and fals, but it’s about major and minor.  Before the rule was legalized, I tried to expound my argument, that we have Ideological basis in HMI, called NDP (Nilai dasar pejuangan) which is one of it’s chapter explain about freedom of Human is restricted by other humans freedom. We are free to smoke, but other _non-smoker_ also have a freedom to breathe he clean air.  It’s one of our ideological basis.  Who deny it, means deny his existance to be part of HMI. Skakmat (I thought).  It has many respond, either pro or con. But in the end, everyone deal the rule, “NO SMOKING IN FORUM”.

Day Two (19th November 2013)

            All speakres from the morning to the night focused on NDP material.   Every speakers were changed chapter by chapter. The interesting was in the first speaker. He came to the forum sucking cheroot. Diretly, my memory stuck on the rule last night. No body wanted to warn him about te rule. This is what I hate, Permissable culture for the top board. Inverse Pyramid Law, Dull for the top, Sharp for the bottom.
Before moderator begun the forum, One of handsome participant protest.
The moderator permited him.
“Sorry, maybe before we continue our forum, the moderator should explain the rule which has been dealed last night, That NO SMOKING IN THE FORUM”.
Skakmat, The moderator felt uncomfortable. The speaker hurried to put out his cheroot. And You know what that handsome participant was Me, hihihihihi.        I felt I toke in charge of the rule. I’ve been part of it, this rule was my responsibility and I must upright it. The shame was some participant permissed him by the the reason of seniority. What the shame!!. I’m not Law student. But I belive that sometime  permissive culture will made the porous in the pilar of the law. It will weaken the supremacy of the law.


Day Three (20th November)

There were three figure as the conceptors of NDP. Kakanda Endang, Kakanda cak Nur, dan Kakanda Syubki. But the only one who live today is Kakanda Subki Mahmud. And today, I got a chance to meet, to talk, to share, to take picture, to shake hand with him. He was the first Speaker this morning.
After hearing his cuap-cuap, I felt proud because we have many similarity in opinion. Sometimes they disagree about some deconstruction-Reconstruction method which was used by some trainer NDP. Deconstruction method is how the faith of cadre will be destroyed and shattered. And Reconstruction is rebuild the new real faith.
Mahmud Subki Said, ” Whats wrong with the old faith? Bandwagon faith?. I’m thankful that my parent taught me how to pray in my childhood, Althought I don’t know it’s meaning in the first time, but I always try to find out the meaning”.
I responded it with my argument that sometime reconstruction method was used by some moslem saintist to find the truth. But it’s not as instant as in NDP session that reconstruct the new faith in one night. Moslem saintist need a long process till they find out their truth according to their perception, let alone us. Not everyone could understand it clearly. Sometime result of instant culture is not optimal.
It doesn’t mean Reconstruction method have to be left, what I mean here is extreem action in recontruction process which is far from the ethical and moral, for example stampled the Qur’an, pretend to be god, insult the prophet and moslem scholars, etc. My tentative conclusions is reconstuction method still needed to stimulate the emotion and curioustiy of the cadres to dig the deeper of knowledge, to enlarge their insight, and the senior have to follow up to him after training to reconstruct what has been destroyed. Don’t leave and let them seeking a truth by their own perception.
Talking about NDP leading us to talk about the conceptor, Cak nur. Kakanda Subki also clarified some issues about Kakanda Cak nur. One of the interesting acknowledgment from Kakanda Subki was actually there are many cons between Cak Nur and Ulill abshar abdallah.  Cak Nur admited that sometime he disagree about some statement from Ulil, Unfortunately he didn’t publish it when he was con, and exposed it when he was pro. It will make a statement in public thar Cak nur support Ulil for every liberal statement. But actually the case is not every statement.

Day Four (21st November 2013)

Sometimes, In every event, there will be interest person that can take attention of many people. Here too,  People called her Firsya but I called her Fitri. Shorter than me, fatter than me, more beautiful than me,of course. From the first sight I give 7,9 piont for her. But She has interpersonal character like me, from south Celebes like me, First born like me. Because of these similar I increase the point to be 8,4.
I  tell you about her because there was something unique about her. She could stole attention of many guys, either Participant, Committee, or Speakers. It made me pay attention to her too because she was in every guys mouth.  From observing her I found many modus anomaly which is used by many guys who admire her, what the shame!!.
From the very first beginning Imaginer Shadow challenge me, "Hey bro, Show me that U could take her for dinner". I said , "with pleasure". So, I planned to invite her for dinner. It's never mind, you could name it date. My main reason was to prove that I am more gentle than every one who only could approach her by any traditional modus anomaly, like sending text, flattering, taking picture with her, small talk and any other modus. And this night, I don’t know why?? It’s like the God supported what have I planned. I successed  to invite her for dinner when I met him in the gate waiting for someone. Waiting is a boring thing and she could stand anylonger. So, She answer yes to my invititaion. From the chit chat in dinner, I could recognize her further.
We came back to the hostel in the middle of the night. Suddenly someone called me, I turned my head to him,. He was my junior in senior High school. And He was the one whom Fitri waited for just now. Damn, How could it be? World is so small.  And unexpectedly, he was Fitri’s ex-first love. Heh.

Day Five (22nd November 2013)

          Actually I was in the bad mood, It could have been a boring day if no speakers from Majelis Kebangsaan,  I don’t know axactly what is it, may be It’s a kind of revolutionary movement which is bring a real concept about national ideology of PANCASILA. It has been run by five old men. One of them claimed that he is an ex-army, He ignited our spirit of nationality. He showed us the Glory of Nusantara in the Past time and compared it with our misfortune today. Till we wonder how the piece of heaven like Indonesia could be poor?.
Other one claimed that he is a doctor who only has one medical patient. The patient is a mother, more precisely called a motherland (Ibu pertiwi) who has been hurted by her children. He expounded us more about the damage of democracy that endanger the our national unity. Democracy has generated the competition among potentials in this country. The nature of the competition leads to the individualism.  It’s inverse of the mutual aid which has been moral value of our nation. The ghost of individualism transformed into the parties which brought their interests in the government. He showed us a real system of Pancasila without parties. It was described in a book . It will be a long lectures if I write it in this note. The books was distributed to the participant. In the last page I found an empty page. I filled it with the collection of participant signatures.  
After this session, restless, astonishment, sadness, anger, regret, They are mixed in the glass of my spirit become new hope to get the glory of this nation.

Day Six (23rd November 2013)

There was not forum today. We were only assigned to do research in the Village. I was in the group 3 with Gilang, Marwah, Abid, and Fa’at The Imaginer. We do research about the law in the village. Our obstacle was only in sundanesse language. Chief of village as our Interviwee couldn’t speak Indonesia but sundanesse Language, while only Marwah could understand it in my group. So, we interviewed his wife who had  little information about the existence of the law in the village. In the afternoon we made a report of our research then presented it at night.

Day Seven (24th November 2013)

       We had a final test in the morning, the questions were not so difficult but need a deep analisys, extensive knowledge and absolutely no brief answer. It was really tiring but fun.
The closing ceremony was held in afternoon. Intermediate training was closed by Regent of Bandung, Our Kakanda H. Dadang M. Nasser. The closing ceremony run well. All the participants passed the Intermediate training.      I’ve planned to lodge till tomorrow. Unfortunately, accident happened again. I don’t know the chronology, I’ve just heard commotion after evening prayer. I thougt it was traditional joke again. And It was true. But the hostel keeper guessed it was serious, so he chased us away from the hostel because of the trouble. Fortunately, Chaidir, as a leader of participant could clarificated it. So we could stay there till tomorrow.

Day Eight (25th November 2013)

       Before coming back to our city. We moved to the Kawah Putih, one of beautiful panoramas in Bandung, What a beatifull view there!! So, taking picture was the main activity there. But you have to use masker, because of the sulphur aroma. After a few hours there, I moved to the terminal.

  Actually there's more experience has not been told yet, about my rubber-band Ball, my hoodie shirt, my second dinner with Fitri, my chigarette, my coffe, my paper presentation performance, my unique friend, my paper keepsake, the screening with my hometown brothers, the evaluation with committee, unexpected call from Linda, our dialog about destiny, naruto, fatalism jabariah, the cancellation of kang Jajal arrival, etc.
   Finally, I came back to Sentul City carrying many keepsakes, Three book’s from Renaldi, Gilang and Oji, emblem from Linda, ID card from Fitri, fez from Yunda Eva, paper from Qadri. And much insighs from the all trainers. I get many friend, many experiences, a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately, I didn’t get new status. Still single because there was not lucky girl.