Wednesday, 23 July 2014

D’Magank #2 : The Lost and The New Routines

       First day of magank, It has same sensation with New Student Orientation. Nervous, curious, anxious, happy, and Challenged are mixed like Cappucino. We will face new fieldwork, new people, new rules and tradition.
       In the first day we meet Mr. Gianto. He is Assisten of Financial and Accounting Manager. He introduced us to accounting Staffs. They are Mr. Tri (cash bank), Mr. Hermawan (Selling and Tax), Mr. Parno (General Ledger), Mrs. Rika (Invoice), Mrs. Yenni (Inventory), Mr. Ojang and Subiyo (Payroll). Mr. Parno thougt me how to input Journal Voucher into software and prepare Field cost report.  I was amazed because Bakrie Sumatra Plantation used Oracle as Integrated Accounting System which is Opportunely we thought in campus. So, I could sharpen my hardskill to this software here. 
          From small talk with the staff we tried to know more about the company’s rule and culture.  Yeah I’lltry to adaptquickly. Eventhought some of my routiniteswould changed.
Formerly, I stayed near of the campus. Just a little step, my body would reach the campus. What an easy life. But It’s different in my Magank. You knowwhat?, distance between home and office is half of Kilometer, and I have to walk on my feet every day because of no vehicle. It means, I walk a way 1 kilo meter every day. WOW. Suuugoii.
Workday are Monday till Saturday. Job hour begin at 07.00 O’Clock. So, we have to depart from the home at Sixth Half. Automaticly,I have to take a bath early morning. Brrrrrrrr. What a realy different with my previous routinity, which I took a bath at 7 o’ Clock or even Sometime I didn’t took a bath.
Break time at 12.00 am (11.30 for friday) till 02.00 pm then the activity continuous till finished at 04.00 pm (04.30 for Friday). And Exceptional for Saturday, job hour finished at 12.00 0’clock.
Talking about uniform, of course, every company regulate about that. Generally we are required to wear shirt, trousers and pantofel. It doesn’t matter actually,cuzI used to wear them in my campus life, except one. Pantofel. I don’t use to wear pantofel or shoes for long time, cuz as a rule in my campusWe are forbidden to use slipper and shoes inside. So, every day my feet are naked.But HIM company is not rigid so much about uniform, even we are allowed wearing jeans so long as with the collared shirt.
Especially for Friday we wear batik and Saturday we wear T-shirt or any other training clothes, is sport day for office staff. Some sport facilities are available such as volly ball, tennis, ping-pong, and also field for gymnastic.
The serious condition is “no access for WiFi”. Since I ytayed In Andalusia Islamic center 1/4 of my life is in front of the laptop for internet.Browsing, Tweetting, Blogging, Downloading  (anime) are part of my life. Every week I should update the lastest episode of my favorite anime and manga. Tuesday  for Yowamoshi Pedal, Wednesday for Hunter X Hunter, Thurday  for One Piece and Naruto Manga, Friday for Naruto Shippuden, Saturday for One Piece. Sunday for Kuroko no Basuke manga. But now, hikshikshiks. They  should be disappeared for 2 months. It means that I will miss 8 episodes each anime and manga. Damn it!
           But I tried to be wiser. I just need to change the way I look at things. change is inevitable. the only way to make a sense of change is to plunge into it,move with it, and join the dance. So, We have to face it. Very very Super.