Wednesday, 16 July 2014

D’Magank #1 : Welcome to the jungle

D’ Magank,It will be my serial story  for this session, I couldn’t explain where does this title come from?.  or Why I choose it. Actually, the correct word is “Magang”, the meaning is Internship,It’s one of my campus program that obligated for all Student in the sixth semester. a phase when Student enter a field work to practice what they learn, to find new thing and to sharpen their hard and softskill .

      My Internship field work is PT. Huma Indah Mekar(HIM) which is Located In Province Lampung, TulangBawang Regency. It’s  a subsidiary company of Bakrie Sumatra Plantation which is united in Bakrie Group. I chose this company because of my friends’ allurement and the recommendation of my managerial Accounting Lecture, Mr.Taufik. 

     From the beginning, I didn’t have description enough about PT. HIM, I only know that it’s Rubber Production Company. I’ve Planned to learn more about its accounting activity. Mr. Taufik said that there are 3 sector of accounting activity. In Garden, In Manufacture and in Office. He Suggest us to learn more about them.

       After final exam, I and My friends (Putu, Taufik, Khanif) departed to Lampung. We Planned to meet in Gambir Station. Unluckly, I came late.Taufik and Khanif left me. So, I went to Tangerang to meet Putu. We departed to Lampung at night by Damri Bus. In our journey, Damri Bus took a ride on the ship to cross the ocean, from Merak Harbor to Bakouni Harbor. We enjoy the night on the ship by chat about amazing experience while fell the breeze.What a fresh wind!. Unintentionally, I look up on the sky. what a great scenery!. I mind. How long I ‘ve never look the shining of the Star. How long Myroutinity has made me forget the hidden mistery on the sky.  Hours later, The bus moved from the ship then continue the journey to Bandar Lampung City and stop In tanjungKarang Station in the morning.

       Then  We were picked up by a Lady named Mrs. Nunung. She was Taufiks’ acquitance who work in Lampung Government. She was a kind women. She welcome us like a friend. We take a rest, have a lunch and dinerin her home. After diner, she carried us in her friends named Mrs. Beti who has been worked in PT. HIM.  Mrs. Beti welcomed us too, even she prepared vehicle  for us to go to Tulang Bawang Regency. After chatting, we departed to Menggalato meet her husband, Mr. Eri. we arrive in the middle of the night. In the Morning Mr. Eri carried us to PT. HIM.

      The car crossed the road which cleave hundred of rubber trees till seen the gate with the word PT. Huma Indah Mekar  and I was awored that we have arrived our destination. Welcome to the Jungle. Seen no life here. Every access facilities is so far. Some one tell us that this area dangerous area for the new visitors. There are many scary stories about the robbery.  Sometime the robber (begal) wait on the road to stop people who carry a vehicle such as motor cycle. Even once in a while, if the victim is young woman, they woul rape her. What a terrible area.  However, this is a challenge for a brave boy like me hehehehe. Challenge Accepted!!!

          When we arrive in administration office, every people were in astonishment looking at us bring carrier like a climber, beside there is not mountain there. We are welcomed by Mr. Asnal Amanda Manager of HRD. They introduce us to the other staff. In a day we are well known. It was because we were accompanied by Mr. Eri who was well-known by the people In this Company.

PT. Huma Indah Mekar has large area. The total is 3600 Ha. it is devided into six afdeling. Every afdeling has residential dwelled by  staffs or employye. it’s like a small village actually. So eventhough we are surrounded by a thousand rubber tree, we still get whoop de do in every afdelling. Luckly, a house has been prepared for us which was also completed by household furnishings. It is Located in the 5th afdelling. the Driver named Mr. Wagiman accompanied us to the house.  It is beside of Garden Polyclinic (POLIBUN) and near from the cooperation, canteen, and  policeman house. What a strategic place right?. I hope We will enjoy this new place for two months. Bismillah.