Wednesday, 30 July 2014

D’Magank #3 : Visit Week

This episode would like to tell you what are activities in PT. Huma Indah Mekar.  

     In the second week of our magank, all accounting staffs were busy for closing entries. We couldn’t disturb them with any question. Therefore, we decided to leave office and visit some sectors in PT. HIM in that week for knowing activities of rubber production and it’s supporting. So as we wiil learn about accounting activities in the office, next week we would have highlight about flow chart activities in the company. Cuz, sometime it is confusing if just looking at the number without imagine the activity. 
     On Monday, we visited Nursery area. There are two locations of nursery. New and old. The new is near from administration office. In this location we observed weeding and manuring activity. Thousand polybag contained rubber bud form a line tidily. Seen a lady was watering them in the morning, and Some employee cooperated in mixing manure and save it in the polybag. They were supervised by mandore. 
     The old is in the 2ndafdeling. We went there by motor cycle, accompanied by Mr. Parman Security. Here, ages type of rubber tree are more complete. From the Bud in the polybag till immature plant which is planted on the ground but unable to be tapped yet. The mandore accompanied us walking around the area and answered our questions conveniently. Many new terms we got, like culling, ploughing, harrowing, budding, etc.
     We also found time to visit weighting Place we call it TPH (TempatpenimbanganHasil) because eachafdelling has it. every tapper collect their tapping poduct here. We met  the clerk who was waiting for tapping product. She make a note of product from every tapper as a duty. The note will be given to the payroll staff in administration office to be reference of their salary. 
     The field has three products, the first grade is Latex, it is liquid rubber which is the raw material of the main product in the factory. The off grade is Cup Lump and Treelace. Cup Lump is rubber freezeing up in the cup, it is globulous whereas tree lace is rubber running dry in slice of tree, it’s shape is like lace and also elastic. The tapper just pull it from the tree. We could see and tried to touch the off grade product. What a bad-smell.Especially Cup Lump, I tried to took one and took its picture. Then the bad smell in my hand  couldn’t disappear till I washed it in home. But it just a beginning the real smell will be found in factory. Unfortunately we didn’t see latex product because it come on 11 o’ Clock as a schedule , while we have promised to bring back the motor cycle to the owner at the same time.
    On wednesday we visited the Rubber Factory, firstly we met Mr. Luhut as Factory Manager to take permission for visiting factory. He welcomed us well and ask to his mandore Mr. Pur to accompany us walking around the factory. Beside the factory office, there is also weighting place. Before entering, the car that carry the product will be weighed. Weighing clerk will make a note and give it to the office. It will be compared with the note of weighing place from its afdeling as internal control. Yeah we learned it in campus.
Commonly, There are three Products from the factory. Two main products is Rubber Sheet Smoke (RSS) and Centrifuge Latex (Cenex)  Both of them are made by lateks.  And one byproduct is Brown creep that made by Treelace, Slab and the waste of RSS and Cenex production.
     In RSS factory, luquid latex from field is mixed by chemical and coagulate it in the mold. When it becomes solid sheet, it wil be kibbled to be thinner. Then Rubber sheet is entered in the smoke room. After several days, the rubber sheet which is white at the first time become brown because of the smoke. Thats why we named it Rubber Sheet Smoke (RSS). After that, it enter in packaging room making it available for sale. Sometime, there is a waste In the mold and machine. It’s named by Coagulum RSS. It will be processed in the Brown Crepe Factory. 
     In Cenex factory liquid latex is processed into centrifugation machine. That’s why We name it Centrifuge Latex (Cenex). Latex is mixed with chemicals one of them is amoniak (NH3). Before enter the cenex Factory you will get pungent smell, let alone inside, it was the worse smell I’ve ever smelled. Even my eye felt poignant. At the time I thanks because my poop is not created as smell as this amoniak. We also see three Giant Can, it is part of centrifugation machine which is used to receive and process latex from the field. When I walking around the factory. I met a man taking bath. He washed away latex from his body. He said that He has entered in and cleaned the giant can of latex.  Oh my God. 
      Like RSS, Cenex processing also has the waste, liquid skim, rubber trape and coagulum latex. There is two canal connected Cenex factory and brown crepe factory. Liquid skim and rubber trape flow there to the pool. They will be precessed in brown crepe factory.  
     Brown crepe factory process the off grade product from field (treelace, slab) and the waste of processing from RSS (coagulum) and cenex factory (skim, rubber trape, coagulum). There are 3 type of brown crepe product. Skim crepe, Low Grade Crepe, and High Grade Crepe. Skim crepe is made from liquid skim. LG crepe is made from Coagulum latex and Rubber trape. And High Grade is made from treelace, slab and coagulum RSS. All of them will be kibbled by machine to be crepe. That’s why we name it Brown Crepe. It also has a bed smell. 
     On Friday we visit workshop. It is leaded by Budi Haryono as technic Assistant. Workshop run maintanace in factory, civil, transportation and all about mechanic, electric and water. We didn’t explore them all because of the short time and laziness. I just learned about transportation document and some flowchart related accounting by interviewing office clerk (Mr. Supriyadi and Mrs. Maryanti). 
       On Saturday we visited warehouse. The office is more narrow than office we have visited. Warehouse is managed by Mr. Yamin as Warehouse Assistant. Warehouse duty controls Stock of supplies, inventory, factory product that will be related to selling and purchasing ativity. And as usual we learned about flow chart and internal control document there.
     Those are some highlight we got after visit several sectors in company. There are more complicated else which have not been told yet. But the point is practice what you know, feel and touch the theory by that very fact. It give more sensasion than sitting in the class for absent. 


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